RLS cannot find the default printer on your computer or workstation.  Check your printer settings to ensure that you have a “designated printer.”

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Be sure that the spreadsheet is not open during testing. Check all required permissions as shown in the installation guide. You must give full “permissions” to the RLS Directory (the default or the name selected upon installation) to each workstation for the system to work as well as the A6W_DATA folder in Windows. See the installation instructions for more details. 

First, by pressing Ctrl+Q or by clicking on the quit button in the program. In either case, the system will not record any results, pass or fail.

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RLS requires MS Word and Excel files for recording and printing test results.  However, you can use Open Office Writer and Calc as long as it is set by default to open .doc and .xls files. (.doc files will be opened on a workstation, .xls files on the server in a LAN configuration.)

Open Windows Explorer. Click on Tools, Folder Options, File Types. Click on the file types you want to open that file type. Choose the applicable program.

The file type for MS Word is .doc. The program in Open Office is Writer. The file type for MS Excel is .xls. The program is Open Office is Calc.

Category: Requirements

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