RLS 10s Pricing - Licensing - Support

  1. RLS provides three language options.
  • RLS 10s English only
  • RLS 10s English and Spanish (45+ English, 26 Spanish Programs)
  • RLS 10s Spanish only (26 Spanish Programs)

Our new subscription service, RLS 10s allows your employees full access to 45+ different safety, environmental and HR topics for one low annual subscription fee for your location. Call or contact us for a free quote.

  1. RLS software is licensed to the facility for the use of all employees at that site based on the terms of the license.  There is no additional cost per lesson taken.
  2. May be installed to unlimited PC's at the licensed facility or to the licensed facility's LAN Network drive for the exclusive use of the licensed facility.
  3. Updates are provided annually upon renewal at no additional cost as long as the subscription license is kept current.